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Point Arena Lighthouse by moonlight
  • Pub Date: Jan 14, 2008 - 1:29 am
  • Lighthouse at Point Arena California
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  • On a scenic road trip through Northern California, we stop to explore the little City of Point Arena. The 1870 Point Arena Lighthouse Station is a good place to find out about early California history while observing nature.

    The Point Arena Lighthouse Station was built in 1870. The current lighthouse was built in 1908, to replace the 1870 lighthouse that was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Daily guided tours with knowledgeable docents take visitors to the top of the 115 foot tower. We meet Point Arena Lighthouse docents and board members, Brian Riel, James Platt and Patrick Hobart.

    In 1822 Augustin Fresnel, a French Physicist, invented a theater lens that could project candle light a very long distance. They look like giant glass beehives, with a light at the center. The Fresnel lenses were soon used for navigational aids in lighthouses around the world. The Historic Point Arena Lighthouse has one of the last remaining Fresnel lens in the world. James Platt tells us why the lighthouse was built here.

    We are exploring the Historic Point Arena Lighthouse in Point Arena California. The Point Arena Lighthouse is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2008. We walk up the spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse where we stand next to the beautiful 100 year old Fresnel lens. Patrick Hobart tells us about the 1870 staircase we are about to ascend.
    We arrive at the top of the Point Arena Lighthouse tower. Because of its amazing efficiency, a Fresnel lens could easily throw its light 20 or more miles to the horizon. This 100 year old lens has been replaced by a more modern, small plastic model that is attached outside the lighthouse.

    Near the top of the lighthouse a door opens to the outside. If you dare, you can lean out the tower, to see the view of the Pacific Ocean and the little plastic Fresnel light that now guides ships.

    We are exploring the 130 year old Point Arena Lighthouse Station in Point Arena California. The Historic Fog House is another building open to visitors. Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers Board of Directors president, Jim Platt talks about this buildings significance.

    In the Fog House we meet Rae Radtkey, Executive Director of the Point Arena Lighthouse keepers Association. Rae talks about the future of the 130 year old Point Arena Lighthouse Station.

    You have been listening to another Travel Radio International Audio Journey. We have been exploring the Point Arena Lighthouse Station in Point Arena California.

    You can find out more about the Point Arena Lighthouse on the web at Point Arena