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Category "Mesoamerica, El Salvador, Maya, Central America, archaeology," Episodes:
Joya de Ceren
  • Pub Date: Dec 19, 2008 - 1:29 am
  • Joya de Ceren El Salvador
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  • Audio Journeys are exploring the ancient ruins of a Mayan village in El Salvador. Twenty kilometers northwest of San Salvador the capital of El Salvador is the 650 year old village of Joya de Ceren, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in El Salvador. What makes this site very unique is that the everyday life of the Mayans was preserved when around 600 A.D. a volcano erupted spewing volcanic ashes that covered the land, caused the common people to flee their homes. We tour the site with an El Salvador archaeology assistant and speak with Dr. Payson Sheets one of the archaeologist studying the site since its rediscover in 1976. Dr. Payson Sheets is primary archaeologist for the University of Colorado’s excavations at the site of Ceren in El Salvador. You can find out more about visiting El Salvador at . You can purchase this half-hour Audio Journey on CD at